1.5.0 (06 / 2024)

Release notes for release 1.5.0.

Release notes 06/2024

Release number: 1.5.0 Release date: 19th June, 2024 Notes updated: 19th June, 2024 Current state: Latest

The most significant improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous release 1.4.0 are listed below. Latest release 1.5.0 may receive targeted updates and fixes before it becomes stable, at the time a new latest release is published. These release notes will be updated to reflect any significant updates. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

Company and fund coverage

  • The automated methods to extract company product mix information from company reporting and websites have been updated to utilize the most recent improvements in LLM technologies. The new product mixes more thoroughly cover the whole range of company business. The improvements affect 25 000 companies in the extended coverage

  • Coverage of mutual funds and ETFs on Upright platform is being gradually ramped up to ~45,000 during June, making Upright platform a comprehensive impact database for funds, besides companies

  • Revenue and employee count data based on year 2023 disclosures have been received from data provider Demandbase updated to impact calculations

Net impact

  • The modeling of products and services has been improved by adding value chain links, broadening the range of product phrases catching scientific articles and adding completely new products to the product taxonomy

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

  • New EU taxonomy and EU SFDR PAI indicator company disclosures have been extracted from company reports for the year 2023 and made available on the platform and via API

  • Significant coverage increase for EU SFDR PAI indicators from previous reporting years, especially for total energy consumption and non-renewable energy share

  • Taxonomy eligibilities and taxonomy alignments have been refined for a set of 110 highly granular products

CSRD double materiality assessment

  • A new list of impacts -view has been added to the Upright platform, complementing the existing CSRD product-level view. This new view enables users to access a summarized list of all impacts related to a specific sustainability matter, which supports the undertaking in IRO reporting.

  • 20+ new third-party datasets sourced from reputable, well-established organizations have been incorporated to enhance the comprehensiveness of CSRD assessments. These datasets include, for instance, data from the Corruption Perception Index 2023 by Transparency International, SDG Labour Market Indicator by ILOSTAT and List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor by United States Department of Labor

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