0.5.0 (06 / 2022)

Release notes for Stable release 0.5.0.

Release notes 06/2022

Release number: 0.5.0 Release date: 15th June, 2022 Notes updated: 10th October, 2022 Current state: Stable

The most significant improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous stable release 0.4.0 are listed below. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

Company coverage

  • Coverage has been increased with over 1100 new companies, most of which are U.S. listed companies

Net impact

  • Criticality levels of different raw materials listed by the EU have been integrated into the Scarce natural resources impact

  • Modelling of wholesaling and retailing of different products has been updated: impacts of wholesale and retail companies are now more consistent with the impacts of products being sold

  • Biodiversity impact now also includes habitat loss on a smaller scale and biodiversity loss related to climate change. In addition, some new data sources related to endangered species have been integrated into the Upright model

  • As a general note, Upright continues to devote significant resources to the development of the model, including improvements in product taxonomy, value flows and broadening the range of product phrases catching scientific articles

Company insights & Company targets

  • Upright Platform now includes two new lenses Company insights & Company targets. This addition complements the digital impact profile on the Upright platform, where all relevant impact-related data on companies is brought together in a unified and comparable format. At first, this data is available only for select companies

UN SDG alignment

  • Contribution to SDG targets (subgoals) is available at the platform providing a more granular view of the SDG data. The drilldown to the target level can be accessed by clicking on any SDG alignment figure

  • SDG 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure): Financial products for consumers, such as payment cards, ATM machines, consumer deposit accounts and consumer credit granting, are no longer aligned with SDG 9. Since the target 9.3 is focused on providing financial services to enterprises, consumer products’ alignment is not justified

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

  • New disclosures have been added to the Upright Platform based on the analysis of over 12,000 annual, sustainability and other public reports from companies

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