Off-the-shelf coverage

Current coverage

Uprightโ€™s current off-the-shelf coverage for its customers is almost 50,000, including for example the groups listed below. More than 10,000 of these companies are also publicly accessible in the Upright Platform. Upright is gradually opening the whole dataset for public.

  • 37,000 listed companies globally

  • 9,000 key unlisted growth companies in EU and US

  • 99+ % coverage of all key indices, including:


    • MSCI World

    • S&P 500

    • Dow Jones Industrial Average

    • Nasdaq Composite

    • Nasdaq 100

    • Russell 3000

    • S&P Europe 350

    • FTSE 100

    • CAC 40

    • DAX 30

    • OMX Nordic 40

All of Upright's metrics (Net Impact, UN SDG, EU taxonomy, SFDR PAI, CSRD DMA) are available for all companies that are within coverage.

In addition to company data, Upright provides aggregate metrics for 5000+ funds.

Coverage classes

Upright's coverage is divided into two coverage classes, standard and extended.

Companies within the extended coverage class have been modelled with less accuracy. For that reason, such results are not intended for direct company-by-company comparison of similar companies, and are mainly to be used for aggregated results.

Coverage roadmap

Upright is in the process of rapidly ramping up its off-the-shelf company coverage. In increasing the coverage, Upright prioritizes companies within major indices, other popular investments, and high-interest companies that are relevant for comparisons.

Upright also provides customers the option to purchase custom coverage, to ensure that customers' investments are sufficiently covered. Read more in the next section.

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