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Using the knowledge base

The knowledge base is intended for users of Upright data and the Upright Platform.

The knowledge base helps understand why Upright provides net impact as well as other impact data, what metrics Upright provides, how the data is produced, and how it can be accessed.

Content in the knowledge base can be found via the table of contents on the left or by using the search box in the top right corner.

Each page contains an additional description under the header to introduce the scope on the page. Where relevant, pages contain links to related pages in order to help find the most appropriate content.


The knowledge base is structured into themes to help answer questions about Upright's data and platform:

  • Background: Why net impact is a relevant and useful measure of the impact of a company?

  • Metrics: What impact metrics does Upright provide? What do they represent?

  • Coverage: What companies and portfolios are covered by Upright's data?

  • Methodology: How is the data produced?

  • Releases: When and how is the data updated?

  • API: How can customers access Upright's data programmatically?

In addition, the appendix contains material to address specific needs that do not fit under the above categories.


Some relevant documentation about Upright's data and the platform is currently not available in the knowledge base, because:

  • Upright is in process of migrating existing customer-facing documentation to the knowledge base.

  • Some documentation is considered sensitive and available on request.

Ask your Upright Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative for more information

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