The Upright API supports only Access Token -based authentication. The authentication token must be included in the Authorization HTTP header.

Creating a personal access token

You can create an access token for API usage on your administration page.

You must be logged in, and have access to the API feature enabled in order to access the administration page. If you have trouble accessing the page, please contact your Upright contact person.

Tokens remain valid until you reset them, which you can also do on the administration page.

Obtaining machine user access tokens

If you prefer to setup a machine user in favor of using personal access tokens, contact your Upright contact person. Include the desired email address for the machine user. Note that the email address may not be in use by another user.

Sending authenticated requests

The access token must be included in the Authorization header. The following examples show how to make an authenticated request to the /metrics/legend endpoint.

curl -H 'Authorization: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' <https://api.uprightproject/v1/metrics/legend>

For simplicity, the code examples below include the access token as part of the source code. This approach is not recommended in real applications.

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