1.3.0 (12 / 2023)

Release notes for release 1.3.0.

Release notes 12/2023

Release number: 1.3.0 Release date: 5th December, 2023 Notes updated: 5th December, 2023 Current state: Stable

The most significant improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous release 1.2.0 are listed below. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

Company coverage

  • Upright off-the-shelf company coverage has been increased to 50,000, mostly for the coverage class extended

  • Products view on the Company page has products organized under operating segments for companies with disclosed segments. Upright is working on increasing the number of companies with segments available

Net impact

  • Results within the Non-GHG emissions impact category have been refined to better incorporate research findings related to factors such as chemicalization, persistent chemical compounds, inorganic and organic point source pollution, and microplastics. This improvement has resulted in Non-GHG emission result changes across industries, particularly affecting companies operating in the energy and transportation sector

  • International labour statistics related to gender diversity and workforce nationality and U.S. department of labour list of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor have been integrated into the Equality and human rights impact category

UN SDG alignment

  • UN SDG alignment summary aggregates with split to E/S dimensions are visible in a table in the SDG lens and available via API

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

  • Year is now available for Principal Adverse Impact indicators and EU taxonomy estimates and disclosures on the Upright platform. Previously the year has been available via API only

  • New EU taxonomy and EU SFDR PAI indicator company disclosures have been extracted from company reports published during H2/2023 and made available on the platform and via API

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