0.4.0 (03 / 2022)

Release notes for Stable release 0.4.0

Release notes 03/2022

Release number: 0.4.0 Release date: 30th March, 2022 Notes updated: 10th October, 2022 Current state: Stable

The most significant improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous stable release 0.3.693 are listed below. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

Net impact

  • Mappings of food products with nutritional values data has been made more detailed to provide more precise impacts in the Nutrition category

  • As a general note, Upright continues to devote significant resources to the development of the model, including improvements in product taxonomy, value flows and broadening the range of product phrases catching scientific articles

UN SDG alignment

  • Product mappings have been made more detailed in all SDGs. Improvements have specifically been focused on SDG misalignments and SDG 8 data (Decent work and economic growth)

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

  • Six new SFDR PAI indicators have been released. These indicators include Activities negatively affecting biodiversity-sensitive areas, Energy consumption intensity per high impact climate sector, Emissions to water, Hazardous waste, Unadjusted gender pay gap and Manufacture of chemicals

  • SFDR PAI indicators for Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions have been updated based on expanded data set of company disclosures

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