Open access to Upright data


At Upright, we believe that science-based and common-sense impact data must be available to inform the decisions we make as employees, customers, investors, or business managers - and it needs to be easily accessible, comparable, and transparent.

For this reason, Upright provides open access to impact data on more than 10,000 companies, including metrics on net impact, UN SDGs, and the EU taxonomy of sustainable activities.

Free use policy

Anyone may freely browse, search, and compare companies on the Upright Platform for their personal purposes, such as:

  • Learning about the impact of the company you or your friends are working for

  • Guiding your personal investments

  • Informing your job search

  • Informing your grocery shopping

  • Using it for your school project

You must obtain a license from Upright, if you:

  • Wish to use the data for professional use

  • Wish to redistribute the data or data derived from it, other than screenshots in social media posts or similar fair use

  • Need access to broader data coverage or metrics than what is openly available

  • Need to access Upright data programmatically or otherwise in bulk (e.g. via the Upright API)

All use of Upright data and the Upright Platform is subject to the Upright terms of use.

Available licenses

If you need a license from Upright, there are two options:

  1. Commercial license: For more information, contact sales ( or learn about Upright's off-the-shelf commercial offering for investors or companies.

  2. Community license (free): Community licenses are available for:

    • Qualifying academic research

    • Qualifying journalistic use

    • Redistribution in qualifying publications

    • Qualifying open-source projects

Fill out this form to learn whether your organization and use case qualifies for a free community license.

More information

For more information, contact either:

  • (for questions on community licenses)

  • (for questions on commercial licenses)

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