Net impact

This page provides information on how Upright produces net impact data.

This page describes Upright's methodology for producing net impact data. For a description of what net impact metrics Upright provides, see this page.

Upright's net impact data is produced by the Upright net impact model. The following subsections detail how the Upright net impact model works:

  • Overview of the Upright net impact model: Overview of the Upright net impact model, which generates Upright's impact data. Includes a description of the model's high-level arhitecture along with subsections discussing its key algorithms.

  • Illustrative example in a simplified economy: Explains the Upright net impact model and its key algorithms end-to-end using an simplified example of small self-contained island economy. While simplified, the content is technical and expects understanding of some mathematical concepts from the reader - fully understanding the workings of the model at this level is not a prerequisite for using the Net Impact Model.

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