0.7.100 (01 / 2023)

Release notes for release 0.7.100.

Release notes 01/2023

Release number: 0.7.100 Release date: 31st January, 2023 Notes updated: 15th March, 2023 Current state: Stable

The improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous release 0.7.0 are listed below. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

  • Based on annex to the report on preliminary recommendations for technical screening criteria for the EU taxonomy from the Platform on Sustainable Finance, Upright’s EU taxonomy alignment estimates have been enhanced to better account for Do No Significant Harm criteria

  • New EU taxonomy and EU SFDR PAI GHG indicator company disclosures have been extracted and made available on the platform and via API

  • 13th March 2023: EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive reporting obligation estimates for companies have been made available via API. Upright methodology for estimating the NFRD reporting obligation follows closely both EU regulation and national legislations

  • 13th March 2023: Upright’s EU taxonomy alignment data has been broadened with alignment estimates for nuclear energy and fossil gaseous fuels related activities. The new metrics are available via the API and on the EU taxonomy alignment table on the Upright Platform

  • 13th March 2023: New EU SFDR PAI indicators for GHG intensity and societal violations of nations have been made available via the API

  • 13th March 2023: An issue causing inconsistent EU taxonomy alignment estimates of the union objective has been addressed. For a small portion of companies, the EU alignment figures that combine multiple objectives and activity types were underestimated and inconsistent with individual objective figures. The issue occurred briefly in release 0.7.100 and has been addressed

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