0.8.0 (03 / 2023)

Release notes for release 0.8.0.

Release notes 03/2023

Release number: 0.8.0 Release date: 15th March, 2023 Notes updated: 21st April, 2023 Current state: Stable

The most significant improvements to the Upright model compared to the previous release 0.7.100 are listed below. More information on releases can be found on page Release cycle.

Net impact

  • More research (see e.g. 1, 2) on negative mental health impacts of digital games has been integrated into the Upright model. This has increased the negative mental health impact for digital games and related products

  • The negative physical diseases impact of digital games and other sedentary activities have been calibrated against recent research (see e.g. this meta analysis). This has decreased the negative physical health impact from sedentary activities

  • More detailed value chain information has been introduced to biofuel and biomass products, better taking into account the raw material sources per each biofuel or biomass type. This has decreased the negative environmental impacts for several products

  • Improved value chain information has been introduced to Management consulting services. The impacts of downstream industries now show more systematically in the impact profiles of management consulting services

  • The negative environmental impacts of home nursing care services have been calibrated to better take into account the emissions caused by driving

  • Portfolio level aggregation of Net impact data has been changed. The change does not affect portfolio net impact ratios. After the change the weight of unrecognized assets is not considered in the denominator in portfolio level aggregation. Unrecognized assets may include, for example, currencies, government bonds and unrecognized company bonds. In previous releases unrecognized assets were considered to have zero impact, while from 0.8.0 onwards they will be assumed to have the average impact of recognized assets. This change will come to effect in release 0.8.0 by 26th March

  • As a general note, Upright continues to devote significant resources to the development of the model, including improvements in product taxonomy, value flows and broadening the range of product phrases catching scientific articles

UN SDG alignment

  • Portfolio level aggregation of UN SDG alignment data does not the weight of unrecognized assets is not considered in the denominator in portfolio level aggregation. See more detailed information under Net impact

EU taxonomy & SFDR Principal adverse impacts

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