Custom coverage

Upright provides customers the option to purchase custom coverage to complement Upright's off-the-shelf coverage, to ensure that customers' investments are sufficiently covered.

This is especially relevant for PE/VC firms, fixed income funds, and funds with regional focus whose investments may not be (fully) included in the off-the-shelf coverage.

On-demand modelling

Normally, Upright fills in funds to match their coverage targets after receiving updated holdings data from customers.

Alternatively, Upright can also provide custom coverage on-demand, such that the data is available before the investment decision. Lead time for on-demand modellings is 10 workdays*. Upright analysis team takes the time sensitivity of the investment opportunity into account when prioritising the work, and can in special circumstances deliver results also with an expedited lead time of 1-5 workdays*.

*outside of the Finnish vacation season, i.e. 1.7.-31.7. and 24.12.-1.1.

Typical coverage targets

Typical coverage targets by fund type include:

Fund typeTypical target

SFDR Article 9 funds


Equity funds that integrate impact/ESG considerations


Fixed income funds that integrate impact/ESG considerations


More information

For more information on custom coverage, contact your Upright Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager.

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